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Strindbergs Gård

The name "Strindbergs Gård" derives from its first inhabitant, Olof Strindberg, gardener-in-chief at Lövstabruk Manor and brother of the famous writer August Strindberg. The farm is located 2 minutes walk outside the village's northern gate and consists of a dwelling house, a barn, an outbuilding and one of the two old cottages that miraculously survived the Russian ravages in 1719.
Flowers, fruit and gentle bees are plentiful, and if you're lucky you might see a few deer who venture on the property. In 2015-2016 the main house was restored to its original form, ie, a semi-detached house. As a guest, you are welcome in the southern part of the house with its own entrance, 3 double rooms of which 2 can be booked as single rooms.

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